Movie Reviews

Sherlock Holmes


"Sherlock Holmes" has a fun, lighthearted tone that somehow clashes perfectly with the dreary landscape of post-Industrial Revolution London. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law give strong performances and have a believable friendship that, while masked with constant bickering, has mutual respect and admiration shining out from underneath. The camerawork in the film allows the viewer to understand Homlmes' scattered but brilliant mind. From the fight scenes to the sequences of him following trails of clues, his quick, analytical mind is apparent--just what one would want from a movie about Sherlock Holmes. Beyond that, the score is very solid, and acompanies the movie well. Mark Strong gives a frightfully believable performance as Lord Blackwood, and truly makes the audience realize why the citizens (and even the police) of London fear him.


Kung Fu Hustle


"Kung Fu Hustle" has some of the best fight scenes you will ever see. Quick, fast-paced action sequences focusing on differing styles of martial arts mean the audience will never get bored. From one-on-one fights between masters, to entire crowds of gangs being mowed down by experts using bo staffs and iron fists, it has it all. The character relationships are simple, yet all the more powerful because of it. This movie doesn't convey most of its emotion through dialogue, instead allowing visuals to do much of the storytelling. Some of the most powerful scenes are wordless, with lovers or friends separating and reuniting set to a beautiful score. And wow, what a score. The music is truly breathtaking, and matches perfectly with the movie. Upbeat songs during the fight scenes, and some of the most heartbreaking melodies that truly lend to the emotional impact of the scene. Do yourself a favor and watch this movie. It's originally in Cantonese, but you won't miss anything if you watch it with subtitles (again, most of the storytelling is visual).




"Gattaca" is one of the few movies that's made me rethink beliefs I previously held strong. Many times humans ask themselves if they can when it comes to science--Gattaca asks if we should. It wonders what the cost of advancement will be, and touches on some powerful subjects like destiny, the price of greatness, and the inability of science--or humanity--to go back after taking a step forward. This is a sci-fi movie that doesn't jar you with CGI, instead giving a believable and heartbreaking look into the fate of humanity by examining the story of Eugene, a man struggling to exceed the supposedly low potential society has chained him to.